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Travel Exchanges

The best way of making direct contact
with your customers!


Our Travel Fairs - the best way of making direct contact with your customers.

We organise extremely successful travel fairs for consumers in carefully selected shopping centres.

We decorate the centre in advance and inform the daily shoppers about our travel fair, the exhibitors and the way the fair is organised.

In the week the fair begins we place extensive radio commercials throughout the region that increase as the two days of the fair come closer. These commercials are supplemented by adverts and special inserts in the key daily papers in the region. A radio station broadcasts on both days for several hours from and about the travel fair and the exhibitors. King-size posters, flyers and press conferences round off our large-scale, but very successful advertising concept.

We succeeded in generating about 60 000 to 100 000 visitors - up to 40% more than during non-fair weekends. The people who come are very interested in travelling. This is clear from the brisk and specific requests for information from the tourist associations and is very noticeable among the commercial providers in the numerous bookings made at and, above all, after the fair.

Our travel fairs are the best way of making direct contact with your customers.