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Travel Exchanges

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About us

We began organising our extremely successful consumer fairs in large shopping centres in 2001.

The idea of staging our fairs in large shopping centres has paid dividends. In selecting the shopping centres we carefully apply certain criteria, such as spaciousness, a light and friendly atmosphere, easy access and a high-quality catchment area. Extensive advertising, the stimulating decoration of the shopping centre and the special offers made by the exhibitors create just the right atmosphere for a travel fair. Nothing breeds success like success!

Very interested visitors keen to book have the chance to meet and find out more about: local and national tourist associations, health centre travel operators, study tours, tours for children and young people, holiday homes, hotels, houseboat hire services, shipping companies and ferry operators. They can find out what they want to know about last-minute holiday trips in winter, at Easter or Whitsun as well as their annual summer holiday.

Well-known operators, such as Eberhardt Travel, PTI Panoramica, Wörlitz Tourist, hotels on the German and Polish Baltic Sea coast, in Scandinavia and neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe enhance the fairs with their lively presence and attractive booking offers.

All locations are well known business locations in highly developed regions in Germany. Come and join us!

New locations and special events are added on a systematic basis following a careful selection process.

Our team
Bernd Klose, Geschäftsführer  Marion Burde

Bernd Klose

Sahra Klose
Project Assistant

Marion Burde
Fair Project Manager