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Our Terms and Conditions of Business and Participation

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I Conclusion of a contract

Applications for participation in the 10th Chemnitz Fair, 17th Regensburg Travel Fair, 24th Potsdam Travel Fair, 14th Erfurt Travel Fair, 25th Potsdam Travel Fair, 18th Regensburg Travel Fair and 2nd Ansbach Travel Fair must be submitted to the organiser in written and legally binding form. By sending in the signed registration form and transferring a deposit of euro 357 (euro 300 plus VAT) per travel fair the exhibitor accepts conditions for participation, valid prices and technical guidelines laid down by the organiser. The contract offer from the exhibitor will only materialise after payment of the deposit within the specified period and receipt of such payment by the organiser, provided the organiser does not object within a period of 4 weeks. If registration is not simultaneously accompanied by payment of the deposit within the specified period and if payment of the balance is not effected within the specified period, the organiser can allocate the exhibition space to other interested parties. The organiser cannot grant participants exclusion of competition or requests for specific locations but will endeavour to take special requests into consideration wherever feasible. Exhibitors withdrawing from the completed contract by 31 July 2020 (10th Chemnitz Travel Fair and 17th Regensburg Travel Fair), by 31 August 2020 (24th Potsdam Travel Fair), by 31. November 2020 (14th Erfurt Travel Fair, 25th Potsdam Travel Fair and 18th Regensburg Travel Fair) and by 31. December 2020 (2nd Ansbach Travel Fair) will be obliged to pay a handling charge of euro 300 plus VAT per withdrawal. Exhibitors withdrawing after these dates will be obliged to pay the full rental per travel fair if they cancel or fail to participate. Withdrawal must be declared in writing for each event. If the space not used by an exhibitor who has withdrawn is allocated to a different exhibitor for optical reasons without the organiser earning any additional revenue from the reletting of the area previously allocated to the relocated company, this shall not be regarded as reletting by the organiser. If one of our fairs has to be displaced in time or location, the registration of the exhibitor is valid also with regard to a new date, a new location and any new conditions and terms insofar as the exhibitor does not object within a period of 2 weeks. If the organiser cannot stage one of the travel fairs for reasons that neither he nor the exhibitor can be held responsible for, there shall be no entitlement to repayment of the rent for the stand. If a travel fair has begun but cannot continue in due form for reasons of force majeure, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to repayment or remission of the rent for the stand.

II Charges

The minimum participation fee amounts to euro 750 plus VAT for 4 sqm of individually designed stand size. A complete stand of same size inclusive 2 m OCTANORM back wall, a counter with a stool, a table wrapped in a fabric cover, a chair and stand inscription costs euro 900 plus VAT. Prices for larger areas are available on request or on the internet at A flat rate of euro 50 plus VAT is charged per connection for additional electricity supply. For an additional back wall illumination for a complete stand costs euro 100 plus VAT. For participation at arranged informal and entertaining evening for exhibitors we charge euro 15 per person plus 19% VAT. If simultaneous bookings are made for two travel fairs a discount of 5% will be granted for the second fair in the calendar year. If bookings are made for three or more travel fairs a discount of 10% of the respective stand charges will be granted for the third and every subsequent fair. To allow discounts terms of payment must be kept. A delay in paying your debt annuls any claim to discounts. We charge euro 15 plus VAT for the participation at our exhibitors evening. Exhibitors are kindly requested to transfer the deposit and the balance to be paid at the released appointments for the particular travel fair by stating the invoice number, to Reisebörsen und Touristik Marketing RTM GmbH.

The hire charge covers general lighting, heating, general guarding of the rooms used at the event, the printing of general travel fair information for visitors, general advertising for the event, including press and radio announcements and editorial information, mail shots, show cards, technical expenses for the preparation and staging of the travel fair, etc. Exhibitors wishing to have additional advertising and presentations of their company or institution and of the products they have to offer can avail themselves of attractive opportunities with the daily press before and during the travel fairs as well as of offprints, radio broadcasts and television coverage. Detailed information will be available six weeks at the latest before the start of the event.

For your final payment the following dates are valid: final payment for 10th Chemnitz Travel Fair and 17th Regensburg Travel Fair up to 31. July 2020, for 24th Potsdam Travel Fair up to 31. August, for 14th Erfurt Travel Fair, 25th Potsdam Travel Fair and 18th Regensburg Travel Fair up to 30th November 2020 and for 2nd Ansbach Travel Fair up to 31st December 2020.

If it is impossible to participate directly in our travel fairs we offer a brochure display (250 brochures per fair cost euro 250 plus VAT). For brochure display the same payment and cancellation conditions are valid.

Please, transfer the money (with mentioning your invoice number) to the bank account of Reisebörsen und Touristik Marketing RMT GmbH. Please, check our invoice for bank details. Charges for foreign bank transfers or for restitutions of cheques are for the exhibitors' accounts.

III Technical and organisational conditions for participation

During the event the exhibitor is subject everywhere on the premises to the domiciliary right of the respective shopping centres and to the stipulations of the organiser. The exhibitor is obliged to occupy the stand for the entire duration of the fair and to ensure that stand personnel are present. It is expressly prohibited to dismantle the stand or vacate it before the end of the fair. The exhibitor hereby explicitly agrees to the payment of a contractual penalty of euro 500 plus VAT for non-compliance with this stipulation. Performances of music and activities involving the general public must be indicated on the stand registration form and agreed with the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any permission that has been granted if the nature of the activity concerned causes extensive disruption to the procedure of the event.

An application must be made on the stand registration form for any direct sales, the products concerned to be explicitly mentioned. Direct sales are only permitted with the written approval of the organisers. The sale of products that are inconsistent with the character of the fair is prohibited. No refreshment stands of any kind are permitted. In exceptional cases the sale of small quantities of regional specialities will be authorised, provided the organisers give their approval and the requisite charge is paid. The exhibitor is obliged to obtain the industrial inspectorate and public health permits and to comply with the conditions stated therein. Advertising of any kind is authorised solely on or inside the stand rented by the exhibitor for his own company and only for the products the company produces and sells. The organiser is entitled to report in written and pictorial form on the fair stands and exhibits and to use photographs to advertise the event. In allocating the stand space the organiser takes due account of the structuring of the fair along geographical lines or with respect to its content as well as of the space that is available. Exhibitors are kindly requested to make the relevant references when filling in the registration form. Wishes for specific stand space will be considered wherever possible. The time of booking cannot be considered as main criteria for the placement of the stands. An established right arising from the location of a stand at previous fairs is unenforceable. Neither a fair of the allocated stand space with another exhibitor nor a partial or complete relinquishment of the stand to third parties is permissible without a corresponding written agreement with the organiser. The organiser requires detailed information on the size, shape and the need for provision of technical resources, such as electricity and the like, for the exhibitor's own stands. The exhibitor himself is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities and for ensuring compliance with industrial inspectorate, police law and health law provisions or any other stipulations.


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IV Liability and insurance

The exhibitor is liable for any personal and material damage caused by his own negligence or that of his legal representatives or vicarious agents. His liability covers, in particular, any damage to individual structural components of the building in which the event is being held. The liability of the organiser, including that of his legal representatives and vicarious agents, is limited to intent and gross negligence. Hence the organiser is not liable, in particular, for any damage caused by third parties or by force majeure, for example terrorist attacks. Exhibitors are advised to obtain the relevant insurance cover, e.g. for any claims arising from statutory liability provisions, on their own account for the duration of the travel fairs.