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Franken-Center Nürnberg

The Franken-Center, situated at the southern district Langwasser of Nürnberg, is the largest shopping centre in the North of Bavaria and one of the most attractive centres in Germany.

The centre had its opening in 1969 and has been expanded in 1979. Between 1991 and 1993 it has been completely reconstructed and modernised. With various attractions, exhibitons and events the centre is very popular for more than half a million of people living in the surroundings.

The Franken-Center is located nearby the motorways A3, A6 and A9. The centre provides about 1 400 parking spaces as well as an underground station and a bus terminal.

The unique position and convenient arrival facilities favour the shopping attractivity of the Franken-Center at Nürnberg, for the southern surroundings and the whole region.

The offers are adapted at the special needs of the direct catchment area: about 110 specialised shops, Karstadt-department store, Media-Markt, two significant clothing shops, three groceries, service industry and catering business define the variety of the huge range of goods and products.

Franken-Center Nürnberg
Glogauer Straße 30-38
90473 Nürnberg