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Donau-Einkaufszentrum Regensburg

The Donau-Einkaufszentrum with its opening in September 1967 is one of the oldest shopping centres in Germany and the largest one at Regensburg. More than five phases of extension and upgrading made it to the most significant main focus of trade at Regensburg with more than 30 000 daily visitors.

The Donau-Einkaufszentrum is located in the central district in town Weichs, near by the old town. The location is characterized by its position at two main aterial roads in the city and its connection to the motorway.

At the Center more than 3600 parking spaces are available. Not only by car but also by public transport with more than 20 regional and civic bus lines the Center is easy and direct to be reached.

You can find more than 130 settled shops at the sales area of 75 000 m² like Galeria Kaufhof, Saturn, P & C and C & A that guarantee an attractive sales mix.

From the first days not only consumption, but also culture has had a basic impact at Donau-Einkaufszentrum and assured room for special events and presentations like fashion parades and art exhibitions.

Donau-Einkaufszentrum Regensburg
Weichser Weg 5
93059 Regensburg